Free Online Ordering System For Restaurants

Take unlimited orders from your website, Facebook page or mobile app and boost your profits & save on food portal commission fees today!


Get as many orders as you can humanly handle. No limitations, no surprises. 


We don’t take a percentage cut on each of your orders. You can take as many orders as you want and keep every single penny. 


You don’t like the system for some reason (we bet you will!), you can cancel at any moment. No questions asked. 


You will be able to integrate this system on your restaurant Facebook page or your existing website so you can reach your customers easily.

Take unlimited orders from your website, Facebook page or mobile app

With our food ordering system, you can set up an account & start taking online orders within minutes, straight from your:

  •  website (don’t have a website?, get one by clicking here)
  •  Facebook page
  •  and mobile app

Attract more customers with Table reservations & Order Ahead

With our “Table Reservation” + “Order ahead” features, your hungry customers can easily book a table & pre-order their favorite dishes.

Fill in more empty seats with the promise of…

  •  skipping the waiting times
  •  & having their favorite foods being ready to be served upon their arrival

Accept incoming orders on the fly. From any smartphone.

With a free restaurant order taking app on your own smartphone & confirm orders in one tap of the screen.

Experience how great it is to have order taking at your fingertips.

Online Takeaway Ordering System for Your Restaurant

More and more customers want to pick up their food & enjoy it in the comfort of their own home.

Our system enables you to create a great customer experience, by enabling them to choose the time when they want to pick up their ready-made food.

Expand your Online Business with a Restaurant Delivery Software

Follow these 3 simple steps:

  1. Create an account & fill in your restaurant profile
  2. Enable delivery & draw your own delivery zones
  3. Go to “Other” & choose the restaurant delivery integration that best fits your needs.

Increase Your Online Orders!

Get Your Own Online Ordering System For Your Restaurant Today!

Absolutely not. We can create a brand new website for you (check details by clicking here). If you would like to keep your existing one, that’s also fine. We will just integrate the order online button into your existing website.

You’ll have the ability to log in to the dashboard and make edits anytime you want. Our dashboard is super easy-to-use. Or, we can make those updates for you! Just shoot us an email and we’ll take care of it.

No. This is a completely FREE online ordering system that will allow you to take food orders online.

We do not support, nor encourage, an email, fax or desktop solution for taking orders, and there are many good reasons why we chose to provide an app instead. Shortly put, your online sales will be low if you take orders without the app we provide.

One way to increase your business is to provide existing customers a truly great service so that they will order again and again. The online ordering experience is part of that service. If you can accept and confirm orders within seconds plus giving an individual delivery / pickup time, your customers will be delighted.

In order to achieve an almost real-time reaction by the restaurant, we first need to assure your client that the restaurant is ready to take the order and to make some noise once a new order arrives. Traditionally, the telephone is assuring the client that the restaurant is ready to take the order. If you do not pick-up the phone in a timely manner people just call somewhere else, right? Simple.

Using a mobile app is ideal for this purpose of replicating what was appreciated by the clients on phone orders and add the benefits of online handling on top. You just need an affordable device for order-taking, one that is easy to set up and use, without too much hassle.

Minimal requests for an order-taking tablet/smartphone are:

  • charging while on
  • good wi-fi signal (if you want to connect through a wi-fi hotspot)
  • loud speaker
  • android v 4.1 or later (with Google Play supported)
  • decent materials (meaning not to fall apart after 2 months of usage and get a broken charger socket, displaced screen, etc).

Our system checks every few minutes if it still has a connection with your phone / tablet. In case it is not possible to establish a connection, you can not receive orders so we show this message to your customer. We thought this would be a better solution than having customers place orders without being served.

Please check to see if you are logged in the order-taking app on your mobile device, and if you have an active data plan or wifi connection. Also make sure you don’t have any app blocker or battery-saving applications installed.

For example, your restaurant serves both Chinese and Indian dishes in the same menu. You have the same categories (e.g.: starters, desserts, salads etc), but you have to use them 2 times, once for Chinese dishes, once for Indian dishes.
Our suggestion is that you create and name your categories as: Indian starters, Chinese starters, Indian desserts, Chinese desserts and so on.

The idea of our product design is to make menus simpler as clients get confused by complicated menus and that’s never good for online sales.

If you have other logistical/marketing reasons for which you should have a clear separation of menus, then it is better to sign-up with two restaurant accounts and take orders on two different mobile devices (e.g. there are two different chicken-based meals cooked by two different chefs in two different locations and people should not be able to cross-order one item from the Chinese menu and one item from the Indian menu).

If your plan is to provide a one-click ordering cart with thousands of food items, then putting the PW3 Design solution on steroids is not the right thing for your online sales. Please consider investing in a food portal with top choices, quick search, promo items, most popular, ratings, reviews and similar features.

Yes. the system is already available in most used languages and more are added every month by our community of contributors.

If you didn’t find your language available in the admin area settings, it is possible to speed its release by translating some parts in our translation module.

If you wish to contribute simply drop us an email at [email protected]. Make sure you specify the login email address of your restaurant account signed-up with us, and the language you are interested in.

No. Web hosting is included at no extra charge. The Online Ordering System is a hosted service. We take care of the technicalities so you can focus on running your restaurant and making your customers happy!

They either pay directly to you if you don’t have the online card payment feature enabled, or if you have the feature, they pay directly online. All card payments are sent to your bank account directly by the payment processor. We help you to set it all up.

No contracts, no commitment. You can cancel at any time.

Some of the payment instruments are popular and work fine for standard online shop activity, but do not help selling when you need stimulating and easy reordering capabilities, like for a food ordering system. This means we can only work effectively with those that:

  • can provide an integration API (conversion drops avg. 30% when you take people out of the cart for payment);
  • support pre-auth process on card charges (because missing or rejecting orders may happen more often on a restaurant than in normal online shop activity and you don’t want chargebacks and refund claims);
  • have the ability of tokenization and fast one-click reordering by storing card data in a PCI compliant vault;
  • have very good commission charges for restaurants that may bring a true market benefit.

PayPal offers several merchant programs, but not all comply with the requirements above. 
What we discovered is that only “PayPal Payments Pro” and “PayPal Payflow Pro” can work as above but these two are not available in all countries.

Also, PayPal Payments Pro requires an ongoing flat fee and the commission are not particularly lower than with others: $30 per month, plus 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction. Payflow Pro ($99 setup, $25 per month, plus $.10 per transaction) is for use with your merchant account from another bank or processor. Transaction fees charged by your merchant account provider would still apply.

As you can see PayPal standard doesn’t work and the other solution from PayPal is too expensive and cumbersome.

Stripe is simpler, has better commissions and you get approved within hours… so why complicate with PayPal these days?

If you look in the Admin panel you can find a section called Publishing, containing Facebook and Website.

To place the “See MENU & Order” button on your website, you need to copy the HTML code (which you find in the Admin panel > Publishing > Website) and paste it in the HTML source code of a page on your website. If you are not the creator of your website, then please ask your website administrator to help you out with this. It should only take a few minutes.

Make sure your button will be visible from your main homepage. For example, we have seen the button placed only at the bottom of the contact page which significantly diminishes the chances of getting any online orders.

The issue is that when you open the Facebook mobile app, you will not be able to see the apps/buttons/tabs you have installed on your Facebook page. The reason is that Facebook mobile does not allow any third party apps to be shown on mobiles. This does not apply only to our system, but also to any other applications made for Facebook.

However, we provide a smart link for posting on Facebook. You may use this link over the “Shop Now” call to action on your Facebook page, or to create pinned posts about ordering. This smart link detects the device type and serves the menu in the appropriate format, including mobile.

You can find your smart link along with step by step visual instructions in your admin area, under Publishing → Facebook. You will unlock Facebook Sharing and Shop Now as soon as you publish the app on Facebook.

You can create almost any logical association for combo offers, add-on up-selling and/or supersize deal. You may edit at anytime each dish name, description and food category. Also, you can fully manipulate your theme, categories and dish pictures. Further-on, you may tweak the See MENU & Order button by changing the color, the font, and even the text for your website and/or Facebook page.

The colors and fonts in the online ordering menu cannot be changed, as we are trying to focus the attention of your customer on the food, the ordering and the checkout process. This is why we carefully designed the widget using neutral colours on purpose.

Moreover, as the menu is your dynamic ever-changing sales content, we crafted everything with web-friendly fonts that renders consistently over any browser or device thus avoiding misalignments or nasty overlapping of fresh edits.

Give It A Try!

Try our online ordering system today for your restaurant to attract new clients and increase your orders & sales with ZERO commission fees.